About Us

Direct from the Lake Garda region of Northern Italy, our belief in an age when we are subjected to overly processed food and losing easy access to locally produced, fruitful food,¬†Alessia’s focuses on bringing the highest quality boutique foods from the artisans hands direct to you. Mediocrity isn’t in our realm, so we bring you the finest Italian fare crafted with patience, love, and knowledge that traverses the generations.

We believe great food makes life worth living, even if it is just for the sweet taste of grapes, a bite of cheese that is so good there are no words to describe it, balsamic vinegars that have been lovingly created and aged for 25 years or a piece of freshly baked bread dipped into a fresh press olive oil. Great food brings people together to share the experience of a region, culture and the lives of those who thoughtfully grew it.

Buon appetito!