The Egocalo proprietary certification system developed by respected vinegar producer Mengazzoli was designed to showcase the controls and processes used in every stage of production from the acquisition of raw materials to the final product and constitutes a warranty for our customers.

The Ecogalo classification takes into consideration the fundamental elements of vinegar including acetic acidity, sugar content, volume, density, fluidity, color, clearness and aromas.

Expressed in Roman numbers, this scale is reported on every Mengazzoli product label, and it is the result of a process directing consumers toward an informed decision based on various uses such as time in the fermentation process and aging of the product.  The higher the roman numeral, the longer the fingers have been fremented and aged.

Egocalo  I The most basic of the vinegars, Egocalo I is the foundation of our line of single wine vinegars.
Egocalo II Highly concentrated with a fresh, clean acidity, this vinegar is well suited to feature in a   fresh vinaigrette.
Egocalo III A slightly longer ageing process balances the bold wine base with a mild acidity meant to be paired with fresh garden vegetables.
Egocalo IV Tart acidity bursts forth in this vinegar which is destined to be paired with the bold flavors of roasted meats and strong oils.
Egocalo V Balancing strong aromas and flavors, this fresh, aromatic vinegar presents sophisticated taste in a delicate package.
Egocalo X More time aging results in a vinegar that is complex and intense, bridging the gap between simplicity and luxury.
EgocaloXV  A longer maturation time yields a vinegar beginning with a robust wine base and evolving into a complex, silky smooth, velvet-like finish.
EgocaloXX Made with unique and precious raw materials and enduring the longest aging process, this vinegar develops the most complex and layered flavors and is meant to be enjoyed by itself as a digestive or simply drizzled on cheese or fruit.